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Cumbrian Beef

picOur cattle are pedigree Aberdeen Angus or Angus cross. They are wonderfully gentle, hardy animals and a pleasure to be among.

Calving takes place year-round, but principally in the spring and autumn. The calves stay with their mothers until they are about 6 months old. All the animals live and graze outside, except in winter when they are housed and fed our own silage.

At about 30 months in age, our beef is slaughtered and butched locally. It is hung for a full three weeks on the bone before being jointed and packed into 9kg boxes, per order.

As we don’t feed concentrates, we can only finish a few animals ourselves, so beef has a variable availability and is sold on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. If you wish you can pre-order and we will let you know when the next delivery will be available.

The cuts vary from luxurious indulgence, through to the traditional ‘Sunday Roast’ to economical, but delicious, family meals. All orders are accompanied by a leaflet identifying the cut with cooking instructions. Whatever the cut, the flavour of our beef should knock your socks off.

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Beef Box

Picture of Beef Box
Each box of Aberdeen Angus Beef weighs c.9kg and contains a range of mixed cuts. If you would like to pre-order use the online shopping cart and we will let you know when the next beef boxes will be delivered or email us. Beef boxes are sold on a first pay, first served basis.